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04-May-2023  142Comments

DD Minibus AC

 DD Minibus AC
CLING DD series is rooftop mounted bus air conditioner for 6 to 14m bus and coach, with cooling capacity from 14000 to 38000 
Product advantages
The compact body with a 20% smaller package size than the previous generation of products, and the all-aluminum structure combined with high-strength and lightweight RTM composite materials have created a lightweight milestone.
The pipeline adopts a new fixing method and has a regular layout; the steam-cooled one-piece lid, the hidden bolts are supplemented by a new shape of the concave and convex surface, and the appearance of the whole machine is fashionable and comfortable, with the best visual effects.
3.High performance:
Under standard conditions, the cooling capacity far exceeds the existing products of the same platform; the new subversive structure design is still firm and reliable under 4g acceleration and vibration conditions; the layout is streamlined, and the air-conditioning wind field/flow field is optimized to reduce process losses and improve efficiency.
4.Easy to overhaul:
The structure is compact, the fixed points of each component are streamlined, and the installation and disassembly are convenient; the glue-free structure is used to pass the coil, which is convenient for pipeline maintenance on the basis of ensuring sealing performance and aesthetics; the condensing fan adopts a quick release structure, which makes maintenance more convenient.

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