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26-Aug-2022  44Comments

Engine Bus AC--DD series

There are four products, DD-04/DD-05/DD-06/DD-07, which are suitable for the models such as 8~14m
passenger transport, tourism, and group vehicles.

Product Advantages
1. With NVH simulation analysis, the wind field and the flow field are greatly optimized. The unit has powerful
cooling capability for the complete vehicle, and its NVH performance and cooling capacity surpass the
international first-class competitive products.
2. The unprecedented structural reconstruction and mechanical analysis strives to be extremely flexible,
without any to spare, and with more than 30% lighter than similar products.
3. The“ customer-centered” cultural concept is integrated into product design, so that reduces installation,
repair and maintenance working hours by more than 50%, and successfully realizes quick assembly, disassembly
and repair by one person.
4. The filter material adopts the composite double-layer structure (frame and meltblown layer) and the
electrostatic electret treatment process, to effectively filter PM2.5 particulate matter, and add strong barrier
for the safety of public travel environment.