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13-Jul-2022  520Comments

CLING DD Bus Air Conditioner II

New generation DD Series rooftop minibus air conditioner
Suitable for 6~8m Minibus,Micro bus,with cooling capacity:12000kcal/h~16000kcal/h;
1. Lightweight design:
Compact body by reducing 20% size compared with the previous generation;All aluminium structure and light-weight RTM composites.
2. Refinement:
The pipeline adopts a new fixed method and the layout is neat;Fashionable appearance of the surface with the best visual effect.
Under standard conditions, the Cooling capacity is much higher than the competitors; The New structural design is firm and reliable under the vibration condition of 4G acceleration; Simplify the layout, optimize the air conditioning wind field / flow field, reduce process losses and improve efficiency.
4. Easy maintenance:
Compact structure facilitate installation and disassembly;
Glue fee structure is convenient for pipeline maintenance;
Condenser fan adopts quick disassembly structure which makes maintenance more convenient.

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