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17-Aug-2023  188Comments

15 Sets Of Cling EZDS-06 Bus Air Conditioner are Exported To Egypt

15 Sets Of Cling EZDS-06 Bus Air Conditioner have been assembled and prepared for shipping to Eygpt.

Why does customer choose EZDS-06?

1.Efficient-With DC Variable-frequency compressor and brushless low voltage DC fan, efficiency improved.

2.Reliable-All components selected reaching passenger car level, power module, compressor etc all with IP67 Level, Complete pressure, temperature, undervoltage, overvoltage, short circuit, phase loss, overcurrent, multiple insulations protection, EMC meeting european standards with E-Mark.

3.Advanced-Stable heating under ±20°C through low temperature heat pump.

4.Intelligent-With advanced PI Variable-frequency control, stepless regulation according to the temperature inside and outside, energy saving 15%; Smart CAN control, communication with the bus and start or stop the air conditioner according to bus demand, extending battery lifecycle.

5.Ultralight-EZDS-06 with length less than 3m, 7.5 kg compressor, total weight less than 300kg, 30% ligther than others.

6.Low Noise-With DC brushless fan and soundproof materials, noise level reduced more than 2dB. 

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