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02-Aug-2023  186Comments

Cling CEZDD Series CO₂ Bus Air Conditioning

Cling CEZDD Series CO₂ Bus Air Conditioning, Environmentally Friendly&High Efficiency, suitable for 8-13m buses.

1.The fully enclosed carbon dioxide compressor meets the stringent requirements of the automotive field;
2.The heat pump air conditioning system uses electronic expansion valves to achieve optimal high pressure control and ensure reliable system operation;
3.Double safety protection of compressor suction and discharge pressure and temperature is adopted to ensure the safe operation of the system;
4.A new control method is adopted, combined with optimized control logic such as compressor, pressure switch and overall system performance, to ensure efficient operation of the system;
5.Continue to use Cling's existing large-scale double return air platform structure, which is unified and beautiful, and has wide versatility;
6.The automatic control system can achieve optimal control with the change of ambient temperature and is easy to operate;
7.With remote monitoring function, real-time monitoring of product operation status, assisting customers in operation management and control, effectively reducing management costs.

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