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22-Jan-2021  506Comments

6 containers bus A/C delivery

On Jan 22, we deliver 6 containers bus A/C to our worldwide customers, they will go to Asia, Mid-East, South-America, etc. 
115 sets A/C means 115 buses will join end user's fleets to serve global passengers. 
Thanks to our customers, our A/C has the opportunity to bring best feelings in summer and winter.
This batch delivery contains
BFFD series, PZD series, CM-160, covering buses for 7- 12 meter, cooling capacity starts from to 13kw to 37kw.

BFFD series are popular in Asia, Mid-East, South America where summer is usually very hot, due to BFFD's separate condenser and evaporator, it has larger heat exchange capacity.
We use copper tube and aluminum fin heat exchangers, best quality copper tube supplier for both GREE and MIDEA A/C in China.

PZD series are famous for cost-effective due to it's impact design, micro channel condensor and copper tuber evaporator, specially suitable for school buses. Based on PZD series, we recently develop DD serieshaving more appealing appearance and optimal design. 

For A/C covers and housings, we use SMC and LFT-D environmental friendly materials, will not cause pollution to environment. Many A/C manufactuers use fiber glass, it causes pollution when being disposaled of.

Our Chinese New Year holiday starts from beginning of Feburary, and starts to work at beginning of March, please contact us according to your production plan to ensure timely delivery!
Limited space, infinite care!
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