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30-Aug-2023  60Comments

Advantages Of Battery Thermal Management System

The development of battery thermal management system (BTMS)  is ralated to the future of electric vehicles. Efficient and robust thermal management of batteries is essential to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operation as more and more electric vehicles enter our life. BTMS offers a number of advantages—increase safety, efficiency and battery life – It is very important for electric vehicle production.Here are the benefits of battery thermal management systems.

Traditional thermal management system (TMS) monitors and maintains the temperature of components in a vehicle by using liquid cooling and temperature-sensitive components.
BTMS as an attractive alternative has replaced liquid cooled TMS because of the better temperature management of battery. Different with liquid-cooled TMS, BTMS uses active or passive radiate ways, such as heat exchanger or active cooler, to radiate heat of the battery. It through natural convection or forced convection. The natural convection make the heat dissipate through the physical properties of the materials used. While the forced convection moves air away from the battery pack by using fans.
The advantage of BTMS is that it‘s not liquid cooling system which is extremely expensive and hard to maintain. Furthermore, BTMS is safer because it eliminates the risk of coolant leaking or spilling. Additionally, BTMS is able to improve battery life as it controls the temperature of the battery more precisely and reduces the risk of cell damage due to over-heating or under-cooling. Finally, BTMS can also improve the efficiency of electric vehicle by increasing its range and reducing its recharge time. 
In conclusion, BTMS is essential for the advancement of electric vehicles. It offers a variety of advantages, such as increased safety, efficiency and battery life. So it will continue to be a critical technology for the development of safe, efficient, and reliable electric vehicles.
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