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18-Jul-2019  1025Comments

Blockbuster! Panoramic sunroof electric double decker in Zhengzhou!

No pollution!

Zero emission!

Massaging seat for driver!

Panoramic sunroof

Heat insulating glass insulates ultraviolet rays

Enjoy sunbathing!

Don't worry about getting sun tanned.

What is that? Let’s check it out!

Recently Zhengzhou Bus Company puts 20 sets electric double deck buses in operation. Its luxury gold color, panoramic sunroof, comfort, quietness impresses every passenger.

This YUTONG electric double deck bus is 12.3 m long, 2.55 m wide, 4.14 m tall, its spotlights contain USB charging portal for phones, 3 axles chassis, latest electric motor drive bringing better stability, as well as adjustable air suspension and panoramic sunroof. Bus company officer says this glass is specially made, having features like: external heat resistance, ultraviolet ray isolation in summer, and internal heat reservation in winter.


Most importantly, it adopts CLING EZHS-08 electric air conditioner, to provide up to 57kw capacity to guarantee the utmost pleasant climate conditions for passengers all year round. EZHS-08 system consists of dual electric compressors plus brushless fans and blowers. Thanks to the devotion of our engineers, our optimized coils have better performance than its peer products.


Come to Zhengzhou, I will treat you for a ride!



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