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26-Jun-2023  101Comments

Carbon dioxide air conditioner product

 This is our carbon dioxide air conditioner
Product Advantages:
1. Environmentally friendly :
Using natural and environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant, (ODP=0, GWP=1) has good safety, non-toxic, and nonflammable.
2. Stronger environmental adaptability :
The fully enclosed special frequency conversion compressor is used to adapt to lower ambient temperature, and can operate in the ambient temperature range of -30℃~ 40℃ .
3. High energy efficiency :
At an ambient temperature of -10℃, the COP of the heating efficiency is about 30% .
4. More Reliable :
Using safe and reliable pressure relief valve, combined with pressure control, to achieve multi-level protection for system product safety.
5. More intelligent :
Independently developed heat pump air conditioning control system, combined with product characteristics to achieve high efficiency and safety dual control, system defrost control, with monitoring and predictive operation and maintenance capabilities.
6. High performance: 
High pressure resistant specialized heat exchanger, matched with reliable imported evaporative condensing fan, improves system energy efficiency and makes system operation more stable 

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