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CLING BTM System Introduction

1.Why Do Batteries Need Battery Thermal Management Products?
Operating temperature of power battery
18 ℃~45 ℃, The battery has the best overall performance;
When T <18 ℃, The electrolyte activity is reduced, and the battery below 0 °C will produce lithium precipitation, and the battery capacity and charge-discharge efficiency will decrease;
When T> 45 ℃, The electrolyte and cathode material will decompose, and the battery capacity and charge-discharge efficiency will decrease.

2.CLING Independent BTM System Products
All the indenpendent BTM system are all use Highly electric compressor, environment Independenttally friendly refrigerants;
All series of products adopt PID frequency conversion control technology, fan frequency conversion control, more energy saving;
All BTM products have passed third-party EMC testing and are all grade III;
CLING has experience in the design of the waterway system of the whole vehicle, and can assist customers to design the waterway system;
CLING battery thermal management system has been running on electric buses for 10 consecutive years, and the product quality has been fully verified by the market.

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