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09-Dec-2022  569Comments

CLING BUS AC Service Qatar FIFA World Cup

The 2022 Qatar World Cup kicked off. On the streets of Doha, the capital of Qatar, electric buses and shuttle buses made in China became important means of transportation for fans, teams and staff. During the World Cup, it is estimated that millions of football fans will take new energy buses made in China.

Although rich in oil and gas resources, the Qatari government strives to build this World Cup into a carbon neutral event and decides to introduce new energy buses. In 2020, YUTONG won the bid, provided 1500 buses to Qatar, including 888 electric buses.

Qatar has a tropical desert climate, which is hot and dry, with high temperature, less rain and more wind and sand. The maximum temperature in summer can reach more than 50 ℃. In order to eliminate Qatar's doubts about the performance of new energy buses, YUTONG conducted an all-round research on the local climate, road conditions, customer habits, laws and regulations, developed and optimized suitable models. Considering the local hot climate, the air conditioning system has made targeted adjustment.

The air conditioning design adopts intelligent temperature control algorithm. The air conditioning controller automatically detects and identifies the temperature changes inside and outside the buses, dynamically adjusts the air volume, and ensures that the temperature inside the bus is appropriate. High temperature electric air conditioner can provide sufficient cooling capacity for the passenger area, with fast cooling speed and good cooling effect. Even when the ambient temperature is 50 ℃, the temperature in the bus1 can be kept at 22 ℃.

During the World Cup, it is estimated that millions of fans will take new energy buses made in China to enjoy the service of CLING air conditioners. After the World Cup, all BUS will be incorporated into the local public transport network and become an important part of Qatar's public transport, promoting the transformation of green public transport in Qatar.

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