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20-Dec-2023  70Comments

Cling Bus Air Conditioners Serviced for Fairy Tale Kingdom Denmark

Cling Bus Air Conditioners Serviced for Fairy Tale Kingdom Denmark.

As a professional bus air conditioner manufacturer in China, Cling offers a wide range of air conditioning products for 6-25m bus, citybus, coach, school bus, shuttle bus, special vehicles etc at best cost-performance. This is an introduction to EZDS-06 Bus Air Conditioner which is used for Denmark project.
The components shall meet the protection grade of IP67, dustproof and waterproof, and be free from damage by soaking.
V-shaped shock absorption and noise reduction structure, low noise comfort environment.
Lower Consumption & Comfortable
The PWM stepless speed regulating coupling electronic expansion valve is precisely adjusted, with natural temperature transition and energy saving and comfort.

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