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23-Jul-2020  525Comments

CLING HVAC business rebounds in second half of the year

CLING HVAC compressor assembly line
In July, we see the uprising trend of China bus and coach market from the compressor assembly line of CLING HVAC, one of the key players in world bus and coach HVAC industry.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 ,orders reduce significantly in the first half year, world bus and coach industry witnesses the darkest age ever.

Thanks to the strict and effetive contol methods carried out by our government and the great spirit of sacrifice of Chinese people, we get back to work, and the whole society has gradually come back to mornal, even though sporadic breakout still exists.

Some expert in AIRBUS predicts it may take about 5 years for world aviation industry to go back to what it used to be before the pandemic, I guess it takes shorter time for world bus and coach industry.

Facing the pandemic, CLING continues to produce superb qualtiy HVAC equipment for bus OEM, besides, our innovative bus air purification products help guarantee a healthy and safe riding experience for both driver and dear passengers.

We CLING hope to see the rejuvenation of world economy.

Your request, our devotion. We would like to join hands with you to bring our healthy world back!

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