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23-Sep-2022  247Comments

CLING defroster development process

The pointer of time turns back to 2019. Defrosters for new energy buses are still mostly supplied by external suppliers, reflects many problems: backward technology, single protection function, and even safety problems such as adhesion and ablation in buses. Facing the increasingly urgent need for self-development of defrosters, the technical team of CLING Air Conditioning focuses on sorting out the failure modes of existing products, actively researching product innovation characteristics and operating conditions, and deciding to adaptively develop technological innovations that are safe and reliable. Defrost and defogging system for electric buses.


In the initial stage, CLING air-conditioning technology, supply chain and other departments cooperated, focusing on overcoming technical difficulties such as active/passive safety protection, remote fault diagnosis, module integration, etc., and successfully realized CLING in the field of defrosting and defogging from 0 to 1 breakthrough.


In the past three years, CLING has continued to move towards in the field of defrosting and defogging. The technology and products are gradually iterated to gradually meet the needs of all regions and all working conditions. For example, it is specially designed for Europe and the United States. The region developed the heating and cooling defrosting/defogging technology for new electric buses, realizing the advanced technology products in the region; adaptively developed the single-cooling defroster with rapid cooling in the driver's area in Qatar to meet the cooling needs in high temperature areas and provide to the Qatar World Cup. Further improve the intelligent defogging technology to meet the customized demand for automatic defogging of the autonomous bus of YUTONG; newly develop the integrated thermal management technology for the driver area of ​​the intelligent networked bus, and realize the integration of defrosting and defogging into the whole vehicle.


Up to now, 20,000 CLING defrosting and defogging systems have been installed on BUSES. The products have performed well and received good market feedback. Users have more recognition for the development of CLING brand and product extension, and the development of CLING has added new impetus.

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