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26-Oct-2018  668Comments

Let’s be cool! CLING HVAC injects vitality for HONG KONG DING DING tramways

 DingDing tramways are the unique deouble-deck transportation in Hong Kong. Its history can be traced back to 100 years ago, and it has witnessed the changes and development of Hong Kong, now it is a “Must-Do” attraction for almost all travelers to Hong Kong.

Three years ago, Kelin was invited to participate in the HVAC design and update project. Kelin’s fast response, pragmatic design proposal, professional installation and in-time service was spoken highly of by Hong Kong tramways officers. They were satisfied with Kelin HVAC’s trial performance, saying the further cooperation is worthy expecting, more CLING HVAC will be there serving tourists and Hong Kong citizen.

On June 6, 2016, when the blue color Ding Ding tram came out of the West Ring workshop, it was instantly crowed by Ding Ding fans. Exciting fans and media reporters took photos of this “cooling equipped” vehicle. They entered, all seats were taken and experienced the premiere run.

Ding Ding trams- an icon of Hong Kong, is narrower but longer than the ones you can see world-wide. There was no A/C at the beginning, so the experience was far from satisfactory. Hong Kong transportation bureau used to cooperate with CARRIER and THERMO KING, but both of them failed to reach Hong Kong expectation. So Kelin was invited to join. Upon request, we immediately organized our R&D department to work out a new cooling solution based on the actual operating environment of Ding Ding trams. Months later, a prototype was made and passed the rigorous tests, and was delivered to Hong Kong. Our engineer went there for installation, adjustment, and collected working-data. The temperature was set to 23 degree, passing all the stops and returned. Citizen and media journalists were very happy with our A/C performance, not only with the cooling air volume, but also the very low noise. Our A/C much enhanced the riding satisfaction.

Time flies, three years has gone, CLING A/C is still very well working on its position, and the Ding Ding trams get new vitality, in the near future, more than 200 Ding Ding trams may be equipped with CLING HVAC, and will keep serving Hong Kong citizen and world wide tourists.



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