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02-Sep-2019  709Comments

CLING in Urban Public Transport (China) Summit Forum 2019

 CLING in Urban Public Transport (China) Summit Forum 2019


On Aug 30, Yutong bus held the Urban Public Transport (China) Summit Forum 2019, and delivered its 120,000th E-bus to China local customer. CLING as one of its key suppliers was invited to attend this grand ceremony and summit.


In recent years, world sees a rapid progress in China E-bus development, it goes without saying, China now sits on the throne of world’s E-bus industry, meanwhile it is the country who produces the largest amount.


It’s our honor to be the most important HVAC suppler for Yutong bus. Of 100 Yutong buses, more than 60 use CLING system. CLING is also the standard configuration for Yutong’s E-buses sold abroad including Europe, more than 72,000 CLING E-A/C are serving on road. We fear no challenge, and this is not just about bravery, it’s our on-going investment in R&D: having the most complete laboratory in industry, being one of the bus HVAC standard setters, being the first to launch full DC solution in E-A/C, being the pioneer in R410a E-A/C, etc. We shoulder the missions to offer most up-to-date products, to be more energy saving, more efficient in cooling and heating.  


During this summit, we brought our latest E-A/C integrated with battery thermal management function and waste heat recovery function.One unit that serves the cabin, battery and make use of waste heat to assist heating. Data from our lab says this system can make use of up to 45% engine waste heat, and COP in the heating mode increases by 15%! Such technology contributes to a lower power consumption level and increased vehicle mileage.


We worship the glory Yutong has achieved, and admire the value Spheros, Eberpacher and Thermo-king offer to the customers. We dream bold but act humbly, 16 years’ experience enables CLING to stand as one of the most competitive players in this race. It's time for us to help you win



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