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20-Jan-2020  743Comments

Change, only for being better—CLING HVAC updates its logo

Dear customers, partners and friends:

In retrospect to CLING’s 17 years development, we stick to the motto: Innovations for a better transportation experience. We constantly focus on “Energy saving, Environmental friendly, Comfort, Reliability”, making them our core competiveness, till now, we have made remarkable achievements—CLING HVAC systems are serving more than 130 countries and regions, about 400,000 sets CLING A/C are serving their passengers every day!





Leafs are considered to be the natural climate regulators, whose function is in high conformity with CLING’s products. The crossing of two leafs symbolize our unity and core value. “Two leafs” logo has accompanied us for 17 years, delivering warm emotion and our notion to customers around the world.

With the development of time and life, people’s pursuit of better life experience has lifted up their taste, which now is more graceful and exquisite. New CLING, New future! CLING in the 2020s requires a new name card to express him, telling world people that he is dedicated to becoming the “world leading vehicle climate management expert”!

Thus, we have published our new logo, one that is full of the sense of technology, vibrancy. Our new logo embodies the element of leaf, showcasing its environmental friendly feature. The forward-inclined letter C injects vitality and technology. Blue and green color stands for power and modern life and the quality of our corporation. To be intelligent and high efficient is our new target and strategy.


With the launch of our new logo, we won’t forget the 17 years hard work; we never forget what we do, who we are and what we will become. We shoulder the mission of building a better life for all mankind!

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