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Introduction to Cling R744 CO2 Heat Pump Bus Air Conditioner

Buses are eco-friendly means of transport, nevertheless their climate performance can be increased still further. Today’s mobile air conditioning systems in buses still use the refrigerant tetrafluoroethane (R134a), a greenhouse gas with a 1,430 times higher impact to the climate than carbon dioxide. There is a climate friendly alternative: Some city buses already use CO2 air conditioning systems.
Cling CO2 Electric Bus Air Condtioner
Cling Electric Bus Air Condtioner R744 CO2
As a professional bus air conditioner manufacturer in China, Cling offers a wide range of air conditioning products for 6-25m bus, citybus, coach, school bus, shuttle bus, special vehicles etc at best cost-performance. Adhering to the concept of "limited space, infinite care, protect green travel", Cling successfully developed carbon dioxide air conditioner. And it had been exhibited at the 2023 busworld Europe and received unlimited attention. This year, the R744 bus air conditioners will be exhibited at the busworld Jakarta. We are looking forward your visit and invite you to witness the development of HVAC System and Cling bus air conditioner.
Cling Electric Bus Air Condtioner R744 CO2

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