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10-Jul-2019  595Comments


In order to improve the sales and business skills, CLING Air Conditioning conducted the "Special Training for Sales Personnel" course to its domestic and overseas sales department on July 4.

The course invited Mr. Wu Zhijie as the teacher, who is the senior marketing consultant of our group marketing department. The main content of the training is learning the practical tools of market analysis and how to conduct business negotiations more effectively. It was a very exciting course. In combination with company's actual cases, Wu shared a lot of experience and methods in sales practice. Our colleagues benefited a lot from the course.

After this course, the sales teams not only learned practical and efficient market analysis tools but also could solve the current difficulties, and bring the acquired content into daily work. In addition, through this training, the sales engineers made improvement on the sale capabilities and skills, and that would help the company's business development in the future by promoting the company's sales performance. 



          Mr. Wu


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