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We heard the fault feedback from TEMSA on Nov. 20th, customer sent us photos of error codes on A/C control panel, Director Haker Song immediately organized a meeting with  engineer Mr. WanXin and tech director Mr. Zhang Penghui of our R&D department, and reached an approximate conclusion the DC module broke down. Meanwhile customer requested us to train the electric knowledge to their technicians and engineers. Upon request, we CLING decided to send Mr. He Weiguo and Nathan to TEMSA. On Nov. 23rd Friday, we applied visa, and received it on Saturday, then booked air ticket for Monday morning, then in the mid-day of 26th Turkey time, they are already standing on the land of Adana city airport.



During the 3 days stay in TEMSA, our team worked closely with TEMSA engineers, analyzing the possible causes of the DC module break down, excluding potential wiring error, using customer's 24V power source to run the A/C low voltage units, then we concluded the fault came from the DC module itself. The other day we replaced the broken one with a new one brought from China. Everything went on well during the bus test run on TEMSA factory testing field. Nathan and Mr. He together held training on A/C electric know-how to TEMSA engineers, and we hope such knowledge exchange can be more profound by welcoming customer engineers and technicians to our factory, to learn all-round knowledge of how a bus A/C comes about. Later on, TEMSA friends lead us to tour around their plant, we were happy to see such a professional bus manufacturer with modern equipment, scientific management to build many thousands of buses for the world market. Electric bus project is a must-do project for all bus building companies, whoever grasps the key to new energy technologies shall win the upper hand in world bus market.




It is not a coincidence for customers to choose CLING, with years of accumulation, our electric bus air conditioners have more than one advantage compared with international brands, in which price is no longer a decisive factor. In the electric bus A/C competition, customers focus on its size, weight, capacity, power consumption, quality, life-span, then is the price. So the only possibility to win the world buyers is to strength our own quality, and CLING is always on the forefront of new technology research and development. We have mature solution for battery cooling, and have realized quantity production. This solution includes independent battery thermo management unit and A/C integrated battery thermo management unit, in future we will carry out more advanced solutions for bus thermo management.

"Limited space, infinite care", our assertiveness to serve customers shall never change, any buyer no matter big or small, can enjoy our fast responding professional service. Customer is forever our center.






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