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14-Oct-2022  219Comments

CLING participated Urban Public Transport (CHINA) Summit Forum 2022

CLING presented the fourth generation electric air conditioner of EZDS-U series suitable for 10-12m electric bus at Urban Public Transport (CHINA) Summit Forum 2022,on September 23rd,2022,Zhengzhou,China. Compared with the competitive products in the market, this air conditioning system has obvious advantages in iterative technology and attracts many customers' attention.
The new EZDS-U series has the following advantages compared with the competitive products in the market:
① Light weight: the shell adopts an integrated aluminum alloy frame, which is simplified in design and 15% lighter than the existing LFT+aluminum alloy splicing shell; The side cover and shroud are made of high-strength lightweight composite material, which is more than 30% lighter than the existing SMC material.
② Platformization: The electric platform has a single and dual system layout, which can be compatible with all the pure electric air conditioning technologies of the expansion company. It is compatible with the installation dimensions of the non electric platform, with unified appearance and interface, which is more conducive to the layout of the whole vehicle.
③ Fresh air: the newly designed fresh air structure can shield the return air inside the compartment during the process of opening the fresh air; Optimize the fresh air intake structure, and the proportion of fresh air in the air conditioner shall reach more than 50% of the nominal air supply volume of the air conditioner; With N95 filter element, the filtering efficiency is higher, the harmful impurities in the air are effectively removed, and the carriage air is clean.
④ Graceful: The brand new modeling design language continues the design elements of the "Spirit" series. The vision is light and flexible, forming a flagship style.
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