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10-Dec-2023  81Comments

Introduction to Cling A/C intelligent cooling cloud platform

Cling A/C intelligent cooling cloud platform is an A/C IoT intelligent monitoring system based on Alibaba Cloud data middle platform. It integrates technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data to realize intelligent remote real-time monitoring, remote upgrade, predictive diagnosis, real-time positioning, etc.

Big data interface: Conduct big data statistics on devices connected to the cloud, including distribution of installed devices in each region, overall monthly energy consumption analysis, new device statistics, A/C early warning analysis and other functional displays.
Equipment details interface: It displays the operation of each single A/C equipment, including real-time status, temperature control curve, historical status curve, running track, working hours, early warning status, etc.
Function and value:
1. Realize the data summary of Cling intelligent cooling cloud platform and integrated platform to provide a data basis for big data analysis;
2. Remote parameter calibration, early warning of abnormal state;
3. Remote quick diagnosis, timely processing and remote upgrade to quickly respond to customer needs;
4. Remote real-time monitoring, one-click setting of A/C configuration parameters to facilitate centralized management and operation by customers;
5. Graphical and visual display of historical data makes product performance analysis more convenient.
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