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18-Nov-2023  45Comments

Introduction to HVAC Product Line

Cling's final assembly workshop currently has 2 HVAC production lines, divided into automatic lines and trial production lines, which can realize the production of HVAC with various structures, with an annual production capacity of 80,000 units. 

The workshop is equipped with Cling MES system. Cling's MES system vertically realizes the full-process management of planning, production, quality, distribution, and delivery; horizontally covers the production process and quality management of the final assembly workshop and each component workshop; it achieves the integration of data-based, transparent, and refined production operations and management. The digital and transparent on-site management and monitoring system optimizes and standardizes business processes, helps to timely grasp production progress and abnormalities, and improves production control capabilities.
The production line adopts the industry's advanced equipment and production technology, such as an independent silent inspection room, online automatic detection functions, a mistake-proofing control system, and automatic robots for all-round photo comparison and mistake-proofing, photoelectric induction mistake-proofing, and key parts scanning code prevention. 

The linkage of assembly, inspection information and error-proofing systems ensures production capacity and product consistency, stability and reliability.

CLING bus HVAC offers all kinds of bus air conditioner solutions, with shortest leadtime possible! 20 years professional experience and reputation guarantees the extraordinary performance!
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