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14-Mar-2019  705Comments

New Cling, New Future!


New Cling   New Future!

 --The group-building activity of Cling overseas business department


Step on the spring and show youthful vitality. On March 9th, 2019, all members of the overseas business department of Cling vehicle Air Conditioner Co, ltd. conducted a group-building Mountain climbing activity at the theme of “New Cling, New Future”, which aimed to enhance mutual assistance and the understanding among members, make the team more cohesive and efficient. At the same time, let everyone leave the office, enjoy the nature and outdoor.

The Mountain is Wangwu Mountain of Jiyuan city. In ancient time, there was an old man named Yugong, and he vowed to move the Wangwu mountain that blocked the

Road, which was obviously a mission impossible but he insisted saying his offspring would finally finish this task. And now, as a Cling’s person we will inherit this willpower!

On the morning of the 9th, my colleagues drove to the foot of Wangwu Mountain for more than two hours. Minister Song gave a brief mobilization speech to everyone and announced that the Mountain climbing started!


The foot of  mountain 



During the mountain climbing, everyone was very cheerful. We enjoyed the early spring scenery and took photos along the way.

Scenery along the way

The scenery in the mountains is very beautiful, the air is fresh, and people got refreshed.

Climbing such a mountain is never easy, but all of us were very motivated and energetic. Men take care of their female colleagues always, not only carried the bags, but also offered a helping hand in time and paid attention to their safety. We walked along mountain road and reached the top of the Wangwu Mountain in about 2 hours.

A glance at the far away mountains

Hilltop of the Wangwu

As the saying goes: It's difficult to run down the hill than to go. The road down the mountain was very winding and difficult, but the whole team doesn’t abandon, by all of members helped each other, we overcame many difficulties and finally returned the foot of the mountain at above 5 pm. No one left behind in the whole process, which demonstrated the teamwork and beyond ourselves.


The sunset in the west sky signed the event finished perfectly,  and we were very exhausted but experienced the baptism of soul. All members will adhere to the spirit of perseverance and courage to build a new Cling and create a new future!

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