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17-Nov-2020  509Comments

Our first cup of milk tea!

Winter approaches, joined by cold days and haze. It's kinda gloomy when walking outside seeing the grey sky, mind is a bit depressed.
To my surprise and joy, CLING's labour union provide boiled milk tea to all its employees, everyone is glad to enjoy the sweetness and warm comfort to the tummy in the afternoon. 

Hospital canteen staff paste heart shape stickers on every cup, writing: Good things always take place at inadvertent moments, wish you: having your own dream to pursue, having a loving home.

Thank you! Our CLING family, you make the winter tasteful, everyday working life becomes colorful. 
Actually it is the second time CLING labour union spreads their care to all staff. Days ago, they made boiled sugar red pear which is a traditional Chinese dessert, good for lungs, to help relieve the dryness of the weather. Have a look at our loving CLING staff!

What's gonna be the third time welfare? Look forward to it!

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