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26-May-2024  0Comments

Molead Cling shines at Busworld Jakarta

Molead Cling participated in the Busworld Southeast Asia exhibition held in Jakarta from May 15 to May 17.
molead cling bus air conditioner
At this exhibition, Cling exhibited the cutting-edge product of bus air conditioning - R744 carbon dioxide air conditioning, and also exhibited the second-generation "DD" series traditional air conditioning adapted to Southeast Asian models, which attracted the attention of bus makers and dealers. In addition, the battery thermal management system, defroster, electric heating, etc. in the HVAC system were also exhibited to provide unlimited care for passengers in a limited space.
molead cling bus air conditioner
As a comprehensive commercial vehicle parts supplier, Molead also exhibited our independently developed and produced seats, charging piles, high and low voltage wiring harnesses, charging guns at this exhibition, which attracted the attention and praise of customers.
molead cling bus air conditioner
As the leader of Molead's overseas sales business, Mr. Cheng introduced Molead's business coverage and cases of Molead's cooperation with global bus manufacturers in detail in interviews with multiple media organized by busworld and other organizers, so that industry professionals and customers have a deeper understanding of Molead.
molead cling bus air conditioner
Molead showcase our products and strengths and gained the understanding and trust of customers at Busworld Jakarta. In the future, Molead will continue to work hard towards its goal of becoming a leading comprehensive supplier of commercial vehicle parts.
molead cling bus air conditioner
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