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Principle Of Air Conditioning System

The water-cooled central air conditioner consists of four major components, a compressor, a condenser, a throttling device, and an evaporator. The refrigerant circulates in the above four components in sequence. The refrigerant (refrigerant) from the compressor is a high-temperature and high-pressure gas that flows through the condenser. Cooling down the temperature and pressure, the condenser takes the heat to the cooling tower through the cooling water system, and the refrigerant continues to flow through the throttling device to become a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid, flow through the evaporator, absorb heat, and then be compressed.
A chilled water circulation system is connected at both ends of the evaporator. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant reduces the temperature of chilled water so that low-temperature water flows to the user side, and then passes through the fan coil for heat exchange and blows out the cold air.

Working principle of wind system

The fresh air transmission method adopts displacement instead of the internal circulation principle of air-conditioning gas and the unhealthy method of mixing old and new gases. The novel outdoor air is automatically sucked into the room through negative pressure, and passes through the windows installed in the bedroom, hall or living room. When the fresh air inlet enters the room, it will automatically remove dust and filter. At the same time, the corresponding indoor pipeline is connected to the exhaust vents in several functional rooms. The circulatory system will take away the indoor exhaust gas and concentrate it on the exhaust vent to "exhale", and the exhaust gas will no longer be recycled. Good circulation of old and new winds.

Working Principle of Coil System

The working principle of the fan-coil air-conditioning system is to continuously circulate the indoor air with the help of the fan-coil unit, so that it can be cooled or heated through the coil to maintain the required temperature and relative humidity of the room.

The cold or hot water used by the coil is supplied by a centralized cold source and a heat source. At the same time, the fresh air that has been centrally processed by the fresh air air conditioning machine room is sent to each air-conditioned room through a special fresh air duct to meet the sanitary requirements of the air-conditioned room.

Compared with the centralized system, the fan-coil air-conditioning system has no large air ducts, only water pipes and smaller fresh air ducts. It has the advantages of convenient layout and installation, small building space occupation, and good individual adjustment. It is widely used in temperature and humidity accuracy. Comfortable air conditioners that are not demanding, have a large number of rooms, are small, and need to be individually controlled.
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