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12-Apr-2024  0Comments

Training and learning about the charging pile

Molead is a comprehensive solution provider for commercial vehicle parts, including Cling air conditioners, Shanxiang EV charger, etc.
molead Cling bus air conditioner
This week, all colleagues in our department participated in training and learning about the charging pile knowledge and visited the production workshop, laboratory.
First of all, the managers and technicians responsible for the charging pile business explained various knowledge and precautions about charging piles and establishing charging stations, answered the account managers’ questions about products and processes, provided a basis for the account managers to better serve customers.
Molead Cling bus air conditioner
Later, we visited the production line and laboratory of the charging pile, learned about the advanced equipment and technology, and observed the internal core modules and appearance design of the charging pile.
Cling bus air conditioner
Through this visit and study, the account manager has a deep understanding of the professional knowledge and equipment advantages of charging piles. Shanxiang will also helps green travel and comfortable travel like Cling bus air conditioner.

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