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Brushless Condenser Fan

CLING Brushless Condenser Fan for bus air conditioner, Self-made fan has lower noise under the same static pressure and air volume. Widely used in Asia, America, Middle East and Africa due to its powerful performance.

Technical Data Sheet

Brushless Condenser Fan Model Voltage(V) Power(W) Diameter(mm) Speed(rpm) Airflow(m3/h)
KL305-BL2-300-001-A DC24V 300W Φ305 3250 2700
KL255-BL2-300-001-A DC24V 300W Φ255 4300 2500
KL255-BL2-300-002-A DC24V 300W Φ255 4300 2500
KL305-BL2-500-001-A DC24V 500W Φ305 4100 3700
KL305-BL2-800-001-A DC24V 800W Φ305 4750 4200
KL305-BL2-300-002-A DC24V 300W Φ305 3500 2900
KL255-BL1-300-001-A DC12V 300W Φ255 4000 2200
KL305-BL1-300-001-A DC12V 300W Φ305 3500 3000

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