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SDD is a one-piece rooftop ultralight bus air conditioning widely used in European markets, for 7 to 18m bus and coach, cooling capacity from 22000 to 54000 kcal/h.

  • City Bus

  • Intercity Bus

  • Coach

Technical Data Sheet

Model SDD-03 SDD-04 SDD-05 SDD-06 SDD-07
Cooling Capacity(kcal/h) 22000 24000 28000 32000 34000
Max Power Consumption (A) 75 75 80 100 110
Evaporator Airflow(m³/h) 4000(4pcs) 4000(4pcs) 6000(6pcs) 8000(8pcs) 8000(8pcs)
Condenser Airflow(m³/h) 6000(3pcs) 6000(3pcs) 8000(4pcs) 10000(5pcs) 12000(6pcs)
Compressor Displacement (CC) 400 558 558 647 744
Refrigerant R134a R134a R134a R134a R134a
Weight (kg) 156 156 206 230 233
Size (mm) LxWxH 2500*2000*220 2500*2000*220 2750*2000*220 3000*2000*220 3000*2000*220
Application (m) 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 13-14
1. Compressor Brand: VALEO,BITZER OR BOCK                                                                                               
2. Fan & Blower Option: Brush or Brushless, Local or International Brand              
3. Copper/aluminum condenser and evaporator optional
4. Refrigerant: R134a
5. Cover material: SMC, housing material: LFT-D, environmental friendly
6. Actual data will vary due to different configurations


  • Compact unit

    20% reduction in weight, heat exchange efficiency improved 20%, refrigerants charged 50% less.

  • V type micro-channel heat exchanger optional

    Heat exchange surface increased 20%, Cooling capacity 15% more.

  • LFT-D structure

    Ultralight,consistent,recyclable and rigid.

  • Thermal insulation materials

    Environmentally friendly, antiseptic,odourless and flame-retardant(A-0).

  • Patented CAN control

    Modular design, digital communication;PWM control module, evaporator fan stepless speed regulation; smart condenser fan control, cooling on demand.

  • Proven performance

    Over 20,000 sets running globally since 2003.

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    • Preparation

      First clean the rooftop surface, then put glue to install the sponge and rubber pad, later put glue with a glue gun around the sponge.

    • Evaporator and Condensor Installation

      Lift the condensor and evaporator to the top of the bus, install and connect the pipes and wiring harness, then fix the condesor and evaporator to the bus rooftop, put glue for sealants where needed.

    • Cover Installation

      Move the cover to the top of condensor and evaporator, check the position and drop the cover, fix screws and check the gap to follow requrements.

      KEYWORDS: bus air conditioner, bus air conditioning, bus A/C, bus ac 


    • SDD Bus Air Conditioner in South America 

    • SDD Bus Air Conditioner in South America  

    • SDD Bus Air Conditioner in Asia  


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