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Ezhs-08 Electric Bus A/C

EZHS-08 Electric double deck bus A/C has both cooling and heating functions for electric double deck bus 10-12 meters. It uses DC VFD compressors, R407c refrigerant, EBM brushless blowers.

  • City Bus

  • Intercity Bus

  • Coach

  • Double Decker Bus

Technical Data Sheet

Model EZHS-08
Cooling Capacity (kcal/h) 52000           
Heating Capacity (kcal/h) 50000
Max Power Consumption(A) 103
Evaporator Airflow (m³/h) 10000(8pcs)
Condenser Airflow (m³/h) 12000(6pcs)
Refrigerant  R407C
Size (mm) LxWxH 2000*765*1187
Weight (kg) 405
Application (m) 10-12 E bus
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doube deck bus ac, double decker ac, electric double deck bus ac, electric double decker ac



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    Customized design 

    Customized design upon customer request.

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    EZHS-08 can realize zone temperature control, 5% cost saved.

  • Powerful cooling

    Through big margin deisgn, heating transfer surface increased 30%, heating efficiency improved 10%, cooling capacity increased 10%.

  • Water Test

    Water test for products.

  • Salt Spray Test

    To provide best performance for application near the sea.

  • Vibration Test

    To ensure reliability when bus is running on different types of roads.

Refrigerant flow chart and working theory

     bus hvac, bus air conditioner, bus air conditioning, electric bus ac
      At cooling mode,the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat and vaporizes, becoming LP, LT steam, and goes into compressor, and gets compressed into HT, HP gas, then moves through 4 way valve, then into condenser to lose heat, it becomes mid pressure, LT liquid, then throttled by expansion valve, loses pressure, then goes into evaporator to vaporize. Such loop goes on and on.

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      At heating mode, the compressed HP,HT gas refrigerant goes into bus evaporator to release heat, becoming mid
      pressure LT liquid, then throttled by expansion valve, becoming LT,LP liquid and vaporizes in the condenser to change into gas refrigerant, and goes into compressor again. The loop continues. 

      L/HP: low/high pressure

      L/HT: low/high temperature


    • yutong electric double decker, double deck bus, double decker hvac

      EZHS-08 on electric double deck bus

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      EZHS-08 on Yutong electric double deck bus 

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      EZHS-08 on electric double deck bus


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