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How does Battery Thermal Management System Works

cling bus air conditioning and battery thermal management system
In liquid-cooled  battery packs, refrigerant flows through the battery's BMS (Battery Management system), transfering heat from the battery to the refrigerant through direct immersion or conduction through a battery plate or other structure. Then the refrigerant flows through the Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) for conditioning. BTMS has two primary functions Heating and Cooling.
molead cling battery management system
Heating: In cold environment, the battery pack need to be heated to facilitate charging/pre-conditioning and getting the pack temperature to ideal range. The BTMS heating loop includes a high voltage (HV) electric heater to warm the refrigerant to the desired set point.

Self-circulation Mode: The battery pack will generate heat during charging and when the vehicle is in operation/discharging. This heat needs to be managed to allow the battery pack to be at the desired set point.  If the ambient temperature is far enough below the battery pack temperature, a passive cooling loop can be used to reject heat from the coolant loop. This loop has a plate heat exchanger to reject heat from the coolant to ambient air to maximize heat transfer, improving co-efficient of performance of the BTMS, thus improving range of the vehicle.
molead cling battery management system
Functions of Cling Battery Thermal Management System:
1. The working modes include air conditioning cooling, heating, battery cooling, heating, and automatic cycle working modes.
2. Air conditioning cooling and battery cooling can be performed simultaneously.
3. CAN2.0 is adopted.
4. It has the function of self-diagnosis of unit faults.
5. Power information is uploaded in real time.
6. EMC meets the requirements of Level III.
7. Battery capacity 325 kW ± 2 kW.
molead cling battery management system

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