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21-Jan-2024  51Comments

Cling 2023 Summary and 2024 Plan Meeting Concluded Successfully

On the 13th Jan., overseas account managers, product research and development team representatives, digital marketing representatives, after-sales service representatives of Cling Bus Air Conditioner participated in Cling 2023 Summary and 24-Year Planning Meeting.
Cling bus air conditioner
First, Mr. Cheng, the leader of Cling overseas team, reported on the work in 2023, reviewing the achievements and progress made in the past year, summarizing the shortcomings and experience learned in the work; at the same time, he looked forward to the development plan for 2024.
Next, Manager Chow, the leader of Cling bus air conditioner after-sales service team, reported on the work. Focusing on the theme of "customer-centric", he formulated an action plan on quickly responding to customer needs, optimizing the after-sales service process, and proactively providing after-sales care to improve customer satisfaction.
Cling Bus Air Condtioner
Then technical engineers of Cling bus air conditioning  shared information about the iteration of bus air conditioners, the research and development results of new technologies and materials for commercial vehicle air-conditioning, and industry development trends.
Cling bus air conditioner
Finally, all participants participated in a seminar on "How to Deepen Customer Relationships" and discussed how to provide better products and services to customers and how to improve customer experience and satisfaction.
Cling bus air conditioner
In the future, Cling will continue to maintain our original intention, provide advanced, high-quality products, fast and considerate services for customers. Cling Bus Air Conditioning will do our best to protect comfortable and green travel.

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