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20-Oct-2023  54Comments

Cling at Busworld

From 6th to 12th October 2023, Cling bus air conditioners shined at Busworld Europe Brussels. World-well-known bus manufacturers and companies in related fields were invited to showcase the advanced technologies and products in the bus industry. Cling bus air conditioning was also invited to participate in this event and attracted the attention of many customers and professionals during the exhibition.
Products exhibited at Busworld include carbon dioxide heat pump air conditioning systems, multi-function heating and cooling defroster, electric convector and battery thermal management system.
The CO2 heat pump air conditioning system is an ultra-low temperature environmentally friendly heat pump product developed by Cling. It directly uses carbon dioxide purified from environment or industrial waste gas as the refrigerant. The applicable temperature can reach minus 30°C. In addition, the low-temperature heating energy efficiency of CO2 heat pumps is 50% higher than ordinary heat pumps, which can solve the low-temperature power consumption and battery life problems of electric buses.

The exhibition of defroster, electric convector and battery thermal management system also demonstrated the diversified product line of Cling and its R&D and manufacturing capabilities as a supplier of commercial vehicle thermal management system solutions. 

Whether you are a user with extremely high requirements for comfort or a customer with strict requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, Cling Bus Air Conditioning has suitable products and solutions.

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