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How to maintain the bus air conditioner

When the bus air conditioner in the early running
Check whether the compressor oil is clear and transparent without black deterioration phenomenon; 
Check whether oil level is normal (about 1 / 3); 
Check whether pipe is loose on the interface, with or without traces of oil leakage phenomenon; 
Check whether there is phenomenon of insulation off connectors and wire; 
Check whether the air flow is consistent with the usual; 
Check whether the belt is loose; 
Check whether evaporator and condenser are dirty. 
Before the use of bus air conditioning, the compressor clutch should be running slowly by hand or tool, in order to facilitate oil lubrication and avoid compressor damaged when starting the bus air conditioner. 

In Summer
Bus Air conditioning is running in peak season, one week as the standard, to check whether pipe’s interfaces;
Check whether compressor ‘s conditions is normal;
Check whether the harness is loose and to be tighten the interface;
Cleaning file filters, suction filters once a month, which helps bus air conditioning cooling effect.
In Autumn
The use of bus air conditioning is low season. Mainly to check to ensure the amount of compressor oil and its quality without black deterioration phenomenon;
Check whether the pipe connector’s screws are loose; 
Check whether there is oil leakage phenomena;
Cleaning once a month file filters, suction filters, to facilitate the use of air conditioning for the wind. 
In Winter
Winter is the off-season for bus air-conditioning use. 
Do not remove the compressor belt in winter; 
Monthly check the compressor oil, forced air cooling system running for more than 10-30 minutes at least once a month to ensure adequate lubrication of the interfaces pipeline system, to effectively prevent parts lubricated parts from lacking of oil.

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