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Introduction to Cling EZDS Series Electric Bus Air Conditioner

As of now, the global market inventory of Cling Electric Bus Air Conditioners has exceeded 100,000 units, which can be found in extremely cold Central Asian countries and in the high-temperature deserts of the Middle East.
Cling Electric Bus Air Condtioner
1、Brief description of the characteristics of Cling EZDS Series Electric Bus Air Conditioner
Shell: LFT material;
Lid: SMC material;
Evaporation core: copper tube and aluminum sheet;
Condensing core: copper tube and aluminum sheet;
Compressor: DC;
Evaporator blower: EBM brushless;
Condensing fan: SPAL brushless.

2. Advantages of Cling Electric Bus Air Conditioner
DC frequency conversion to avoid energy loss caused by voltage conversion;
Heat pump air conditioner, which can realize cooling and heating functions, with optional PTC;
LFT environmentally friendly material, light weight;
Both the evaporator blower and the condensation fan are brushless, with longer service life and lower noise;
It can realize 7 levels of wind adjustment, intelligent and comfortable;
Optional power defrost and battery thermal management enable one-button control.
3. EZDS Series Electric Bus Air Conditioner product parameters
Model EZDD-04 EZDS-04 EZDS-05 EZDS-06 EZDS-07
Cooling Capacitykcal/h) 13000 24000 28000 32000 38000
Heating Capacitykcal/h) 11000 22000 26000 30000 36000
HV platform (V) 400-750 400-750 400-750 400-750 400-750
LV platform (V) 24 24 24 24 24
Evaporator Airflowm³/h) 4000(4pcs) 4000(4pcs) 6000(6pcs) 6000(6pcs) 8000(8pcs)
Condenser Airflowm³/h) 6000(3pcs) 8000(4pcs) 8000(4pcs) 10000(5pcs) 10000(5pcs)
Compressor Displacement(CC) EVS-34 2*EVS-34 2*EVS-34 2*EVS-34/36 2*EVS-34
Refrigerant R407c R407c R407c R407c R407c
Refrigerant charge (kg) 3.2 2.2*2 2.5*2 3.0*2 3.0*2
Weight (kg) 180 245 285 315 335
Sizemm) LxWxH 2700*1630*240 2500*1920*285 2750*1920*285 3000*1920*285 3250*2000*265
Application 6-7m 8-9m 9-10m 10-12m 13m
4. The terminal customers of the EZDS Series Electric Bus Air Conditioner are from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. The famous partners include China’s Yutong, Egypt’s MCV, etc.
5. International Event
Serving the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and appearing in the exhibition cars at the Busworld exhibition etc.
Cling has started the supply of air conditioner EZDS series for electric buses since 2008
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
E-mail: marketing@clingac.com
Phone: +86 18736032501
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