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03-Nov-2023  62Comments

Introduction to Cling Bus Air Conditioner Laboratory

Cling is committed to the research, development, testing and optimization of bus air conditioners, and has built a modern vehicle air conditioning test center. All products of Cling must pass the "National Refrigeration Equipment Testing Center" for testing and certification before finalization to ensure product performance.
Cling has test verification capabilities such as bus air conditioner system performance testing, vibration testing, semi-anechoic chamber, temperature and humidity environment simulation, physical and chemical laboratory, and electrical device performance testing.

In this article we focus on the NVH noise testing laboratory. NVH laboratory uses a wedge-type sound absorber and an independent suspended vibration isolation foundation. The entire room is isolated from the underground through vibration isolators, and the noise can be controlled below 20dB (noise from watch hands moving: 26dB).
A fully anechoic chamber has sound-absorbing spikes installed on six sides and the ground needs to be laid with a pedestrian mesh, so there is no reflective surface in the fully anechoic chamber. There are no sound-absorbing spikes installed on the floor of the semi-anechoic chamber, so the floor of the semi-anechoic chamber forms a reflective surface. The background noise value of a fully anechoic chamber is generally below 10 decibels, and that of a semi-anechoic chamber is around 15 decibels. The static environment-friendly fully anechoic chamber exceeded 2dB(A) in 2018.
This laboratory is mainly used for system noise testing and analysis of air conditioning assemblies, condensing fans, evaporation fans, defroster and other components. Through it we can improve the silent performance of bus air conditioning, become the most professional bus air conditioning expert, provide customers with quiet , comfortable trip and the best riding experience.

The remaining laboratories include: bus air conditioning component testing, salt spray testing, high and low temperature humidity and heat testing, high and low temperature impact testing, static torque testing, mechanical property testing, pressure pulse testing, material combustion testing, odor testing, cleanliness testing, and hardness testing etc to ensure that the performance of bus air-conditioner parts is in optimal condition.

As a professional bus air conditioner manufacturer in China, Cling offers a wide range of air conditioning products for 6-25m bus, citybus, coach, school bus, shuttle bus, special vehicles etc at best cost-performance.
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