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29-Dec-2023  33Comments

Introduction to Cling Bus Air Conditioner New Process(1)

Cling Bus Air Conditioner New Process—NOCOLOK Brazing
The furnace is continuously protected by 99.9995% high-purity nitrogen, and the aluminum heat exchanger is integrally welded with noncorrosive flux. The temperature control accuracy of the brazing furnace is ±0.1°C, and the peak temperature uniformity achieved on the workpiece in the furnace is ±3°C.
NOCOLOK flux not only has the advantages of traditional flux, but also overcomes the disadvantages of post-brazing treatment and corrosiveness. NOCOLOK flux does not need any treatment after brazing, and has good corrosion resistance, plasticity and thermal conductivity. The neutral salt spray test can reach more than 1000h.

Cling Bus Air Conditioner New Process—
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Main features: Full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning, using environmentally friendly water-based weak alkaline cleaning solution made of imported anionic surfactant and nonionic surfactant as main raw materials to clean parts, which can ensure the cleanliness of parts and effectively improve the subsequent brazing quality.
Vertical cleaning is adopted, and the inner cavity can be cleaned smoothly, which is more conducive to removing dirt on the surface and inner cavity of the cleaning part than ordinary horizontal cleaning machine. With a high degree of automation, only manual feeding and blanking are required, and no contact with cleaning agent is needed in the production process. On the one hand, it can reduce the corrosion of weak alkaline cleaning solution to human hands, and on the other hand, it can improve production efficiency.

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