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29-Dec-2023  74Comments

Introduction to Cling Bus Air Conditioner New Process(2)

Cling Bus Air Conditioner New Process—High-frequency welding process
Main features: no-fire welding, avoiding the disadvantages of flame brazing such as high temperature, glare, smoke and noise, improving the working environment, simple operation and less dependence on talents.
The high-frequency welding process is characterized by uniform heating, full weld formation and high consistency of weld quality. Automatic welding can be realized through digital control.

Cling Bus Air Conditioner New Process—Aluminum tube and aluminum sheet core
Main features: Compared with the aluminum sheet core of copper tube of the same specification, the performance of the aluminum sheet core of aluminum tube is the same through special expansion jointing process, with a weight reduction ratio of 27.7% and a cost reduction of about 21.6%.

Cling Bus Air Conditioner New Process—Non-shrinkage tube expansion process
Main features: The non-shrinkable tube expander is the key equipment for processing high-quality air conditioning heat exchangers. It adopts multi-axis CNC technology, with full automation of workpiece height adjustment, expansion progress and cup forming. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, 4% saving in raw materials of copper tubes, convenient operation and reliable performance.

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