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01-Dec-2023  39Comments

Introduction to Clings Fan workshop and other parts workshop

Founded in 2018, the fan workshop covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters. It is a production workshop affiliated to Zhengzhou Kelin Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. and specializes in the production and processing of DC brushed fans and brushless fans. It is committed to becoming an advanced manufacturing organization integrating R&D, process and production in the industry. Other parts, such as pipelines and insulation cotton, are self-manufactured by Cling, which improves the deep processing capacity of overall parts.

Advantages of fan workshop
The workshop adopts central air conditioning: relatively dust-free working environment to ensure the stability of products.There are 7 production lines in total: 2 fully automatic brushed rotor production lines, 2 evaporator fan assembly lines, 2 condenser fan assembly lines and 1 fully automatic stator production line. The comprehensive annual production capacity of a single shift can reach 500,000 units.
Production capacity of fully automatic brushed rotor line: a single line can produce 1,200 rotors per shift per day, with processable core diameter of 40 ~ 90 mm and shaft length of 60 ~ 300 mm.
Production capacity of fully automatic brushless stator production line: 900 stators per shift per day, with processable core diameter of 45 ~ 150 mm and shaft length of 60 ~ 300 mm.
The products are applied to air conditioning systems, water tank cooling systems and battery heat dissipation modules of commercial vehicles, passenger cars and engineering vehicles.

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