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24-Nov-2023  53Comments

Introduction to Cling's Sheet Metal Workshop

Cling's sheet metal workshop was established in 2018 and specializes in designing and manufacturing of various sheet metal parts. It is an important support for the advancement of Cling's deep processing strategy of key bus air-conditioning components.

Up to now, Cling's sheet metal workshop has owned several first-class processing equipment and advanced manufacturing technology. It has the processing capacity of aluminum, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel sheet metal parts from 0.5 to 4.0MM. The sheet metal workshop has realized the self-production of various aluminum sheet metals for Cling bus air conditioners.
It uses advanced equipment: turret punch brand AMADA, laser processing equipment brand Bystronic, CNC bending machine brand AMADA, Bystronic, profile cutting equipment brand PARKER, etc. These advanced equipment ensure product quality. 
In addition, the workshop uses platinum central air conditioning and a special welding smoke treatment system to create a clean, comfortable and environmentally friendly working environment for employees.
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